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Post by RCWG » Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:54 am

I'm in work just now and was just going to my works canteen to get a coffee, when I noticed on the TV set there was a program called Countdown on. In the UK this is a sterile word/ anagram program which is mostly watched by pensioners and people of limited imagination.
I only stopped because I heard the dictionary corner talking about the word AMOK.
she said it was a Portugese word AMOQ and was used to describe the a condition witnessed by sailors in Malay in the 17th century. She went on to say that an individual would become fanatical and run down the street trying to kill people. But then she said "under the influence of opium" which I find hard to believe.
And then she started talking about the next word "assassin" and started to talk about Hassan I Sabbah and cannabis.
I think the Channel 4 control system is playing with my mind. I was expecting them to talk about purple assed baboons or Captain Mission.
Now, where's that coffee....

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