Looking for original cut-up inspired short film for Bklyn sh

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Looking for original cut-up inspired short film for Bklyn sh

Post by ngeberer » Fri Feb 09, 2007 12:17 pm

I am working with musical artists David Aaron (http://www.davidaaron.net) and Adriano Morez (http://www.myspace.com/adrianomorez) on a performance at the Brooklyn Lyceum 4/14/07 that will incorporate musical works created with the cut-up technique.

Does anyone here have an original short film or would be willing to construct such a film for viewing at this event?

For the musical side, we are going to set up web and voicemail "containers" in which people will be encouraged in the weeks preceding the performance to respond to provocative questions (e.g. "is it really every man for himself?"). David and Adriano will then take this raw material apply cut-up and create some new musical and hip hop pieces for performance at this show. They will perform their regular material as well.

We will probably have someone to introduce the show by putting the cut up technique in context, talking about Burroughs / Gysin as well as the importance of Brooklyn in the development of the Beat movement. The film(s) would follow, and then the music.

If anyone has something they might want to contribute, email me back.



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