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Ministry-Al Jourgensen

Post by RCWG » Thu Jun 02, 2016 7:26 am

Seen this online recently:

“What I was doing just hadn't been done before. That's why The Land Of Rape And Honey is top of my list. You've got to remember, technology back then was way different, and some of these songs were written in 1981 but didn't come out until 1988. The tape-editing technique, the splice 'n' dice, wasn't really being used in the way I decided to try and use it.
My inspiration came from cut-up artists in the audio world like Toussaint, say, or William S. Burroughs doing word cut-ups. And collage art, too. I still make visual collages just for my own satisfaction. I couldn't draw a decent stick figure if I was forced to at gunpoint but I can still make art by doing collages”

and then.......

“Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs (1992)
In 1992, Ministry allegedly spent up to $1,000 a day on drugs.
Not only did R Kelly piss in my piano, he left Kentucky Fried Chicken underneath the fuckin' hood and broke one of the legs. He's a douchebag. I hate that fucking guy. But for this record we also recorded a video for 'Just One Fix' with William Burroughs.
I actually went out and saw the Jim Rose Circus with Burroughs in Lawrence, Kansas when we were doing the video, and he came and saw us at Lollapalooza that year. It was one of the few rare occasions where you actually meet one of your idols and he doesn't turn out to be a complete douchebag.
As a matter of fact, on From Beer To Eternity we did 'Thanksgiving Prayer' by Burroughs. It's called 'Thanx But No Thanx'. So yeah, we've had a long-standing relationship of respect and admiration. One of the highlights of my life was meeting him at this point. As I mentioned for The Land Of Rape And Honey, the inspiration was cut-up things like Naked Lunch and others”

“I met Robert Plant and it was a case of meeting one of your idols and realising he is a total douchebag. I've had my share of both. William Burroughs: good, Robert Plant: not so good. I was working at the Wax Trax! record store where I was the new guy. Everyone was going to see a concert and I had a date with a girl, but because Zeppelin played Chicago that night I had to keep the store open for Robert Plant and his entourage. They kept me there until about one in the morning, playing records, me running around like his fucking man-slave servant. Finally this stack of fucking records comes up to the counter and he says, "Just put it on my tab, man." I was thinking, "Fuck you! I have to call up the owner, I can't just give you this shit." I wound up leaving there at about two in the morning and blew my date with this chick.
I was like: "Goddammit! What a douchebag!" He's there yelling at me, the poor little clerk who doesn't set the policy, when the owner got on and told him he could have 25 per cent off. He wanted them for free. There was this back-and-forth with me taking the brunt of his assholism, and I missed my date with the hottest girl. It was just a mess. So I put Robert Plant in the douchebag column”

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