Montsegur in danger

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Montsegur in danger

Post by Greeny » Sat May 21, 2016 1:02 pm

In a yet another manifestation of our Orwellian world, the money-grabbers are now planning to disfigure the area of Montsegur castle in France. Montsegur and the Languedoc area in general is a very important esoteric place, home to a number of paranormal events and sightings (including ghosts and UFOs), and the location of cult movie director Richard Stanley's Shadow Theatre project, dedicated to the study of such events and the secret history of Europe.

The local authorities (namely Gérald Sgobbo and Robert Finance) are launching a project to turn the castle area into "a themepark", which involves floodlighting the pog, constructing a security barrier that would restrict access to the area during daytime and completely prevent it at night, the use of CCTVs and civilian vigilante groups in order to "prevent a second Bugarach", and some other equally nasty measures. Except the aforementioned esoteric background, the project would have adverse consequences for the area's historical heritage and ecology (a number of endangered species, like the Pyrenean Long Eared Bat and the Pyrenean Giant Toad, would be threatened). ... 4162657386

Unfortunately this is now only in French news; I think this should be carried on to English-language media. A couple of petitons have been launched to stop the project: ... -montsegur ... -montsegur

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