Unfinished Chinese Disneyland.

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Unfinished Chinese Disneyland.

Post by Graham Rae » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:52 am

http://blogs.reuters.com/photographers- ... isneyland/

Telling you, if I was to go there I would just spend endless dazed days
wandering and wondering and pondering, conjuring up ghosts from every muted
joylaugh corner and crevice, peering into the impossible black of never-visited
ghost trains and feeling the lack of fear generated after economic meltdown,
picking at the chipped peeling sad paint, kicking at the thwarted earth, hearing
and feeling the ghosts of stillborn best-Chinese-childhood-days-ever moaning
from an unquiet unfinished grave, listening intently for the nonexistent
click-clack-clank of fearborne rollercoaster screams and dreams never to be
borne on the harsh silenced air, tasting rancid nonexistent expired-date
candyfloss, following the contours of the half-finished post-American-alike
franchise constructions with a keen evaluating appraising cynical eye, frowning
at sharptooth clownskulls leering from forbidden doorways, fighting the
drawn-out dawn, liberating the screams, the sighs, the weary wisdoms unearthed
by a single crunchfall footstep in this graveyard of Oriental copies of a
western young dream, laughing at the corroded vapors and orange colors of
groaning metal posts, fearing to tread under sagging arthritic riotsmile
billboards, carefully dodging the spectral holidaymaker hordes, the swish and
hiss of nonexistent families burning and bursting through my skin to bury itself
there in never-bought-ticket truncated-capitalist Nirvana, gagging at child
faces smeared with black ketchup from rotted hotdogs like scumblood, antswarms,
rudimentary murals conjuring up unfinished dreams of fire and entertaining
confusion, step right up don't be shy, scream if you wanna go slower, colorless
kinetic neon light spraybursts from unworking lightbulbs...

… you get the idea.

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