Cities of the Red Night inspired music

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Cities of the Red Night inspired music

Post by Pins » Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:00 am

Hello fellow Burroughs readers,

I'm a 22 years old amateur musician from France. A few years ago, I discovered W. S. Burroughs and I've never stopped reading and re-reading his works since then. In 2011, I decided to try and create musical ambiances around some of the scenes described and evoked in the Red Night Trilogy. They are purely personal, but some friends of mine liked them, and so I decided to self-release them. I know some people, unaware of Burroughs, who listened to them and then started to read the actual trilogy. I was always reluctant to present these works to people who knew of these books before and who, without doubt, are more familiar or schooled about them than I am. Some time has passed, and after a "pause" album, I'm now working on a project entirely based off a text I've written using dream material, automatic writing and cut-ups ; so I'm more comfortable with receiving harsh criticism (or downright contempt!) about these works.
Anyway, enough for the rant, here are the three albums, I genuinely hope someone will find them of interest.
B23, loosely based off Cities of the Red Night.

Cosmic Conspiracy, loosely based off The Place of Dead Roads ... conspiracy

The Western Lands, loosely based off, well, it's self-explanatory, isn't it? ... tern-lands

I hope my english was understandable!

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