Gary McKinnon

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Gary McKinnon

Post by Paul Sempschi » Tue May 09, 2006 10:16 am

If you dont know... ... 977134.stm
Given the UFO basis of what he was investigating, this covers something Burroughsian. Personally I think that matter is very disgusting. I dont even know if it is really hacking, what he did was very simplistic, kind of like walking into a stranger's house because their door is open. It is trespassing but it isnt. If that person called the cops, the cop would bust THEIR balls about leaving the door open and going to bed.
If he does go to jail, then so should those who blew the online security. Negligence so monumental as to border on treason. Of course, no one in power will ever have to worry about facing "time" look at the former FEMA director who got the thumbs up from the president whilst standing amongst the wreckage. Very poetic image...
Oh well, this is nothing new and nothing anyone is REALLY willing to dispute. But what is interesting is what Gary McKinnon did find. Anyone have any opinions on the matter, let alone McKinnon's charges against the government? Could this be the real reason why they want to throw him away for so long?

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