Theeee The Third Mind cover photo

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Theeee The Third Mind cover photo

Post by Jim Pennington » Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:22 pm

third mind covers small.jpg
viking HB and calder PB
third mind covers small.jpg (156.09 KiB) Viewed 982 times
breaking news and breaking 40 years after the event:::: the lady who took the photo (name on inside front flap of HB jacket) used on theee The Third Mind cover of the Seaver/Viking 1978 first (and all subsequents) edition (deep breath) ... never got paid !!
So what's new about that, you ask....;
nothing really, but it came up as the very first thing Mayotte Magnus said to me. The next thing she said - and this is the absolute gem of the conversation - was that she never intended for that silhouetted head in the left hand foreground to appear. When she framed the shot she had had every intention of cropping the figure out.
Are there any commentaries on this cover anywhere?.
Once my attention was drawn to the bald head with the jug ears, this cover image became one of the wierdest Burroughs book covers around.
Worthy of a procession of deconstructionists turning up with those tiny little weapons of trivial destruction used for splitting hairs (and then feathering academic nests) ... but I digress....
where were we? ah yes::::
where we were,
was breaking to you, gently, fellow Burroughsians,
that the news on this dim windy jerky faraway filmy street is
that the baldy with the jug ears sat there with a clear and deliberate purpose was a painter. He had come to decorate the Duke St flat our Bill had just moved into. Mayotte asked him to hold a table spotlight so it would throw Bill's shadow into the drama she felt Bill had created and needed around him. She was very nervous she told me. This was one of her very first commissions by Harpers and Queen.
But Bill was so very polite.
Did as he was told. Didn't bat an eye when starked up against the just magnolia'd wall ( was magnolia) ...
but, (and Mayotte remembered this clearly) he did not initiate or engage in much of what little conversation took place. Here To Go. Or maybe wanting to get onto Chapter 2 of Think and Grow Rich while watching the paint dry around him .

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Re: Theeee The Third Mind cover photo

Post by Horton » Wed May 02, 2018 8:56 am

Really interesting to hear about the cover shoot. Mayotte Magnus also photographed Claude Pélieu for one of his volumes of poetry published in France (Tatouages mentholés et cartouches d'aube)... and also wasn't paid for those photos.

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Re: Theeee The Third Mind cover photo

Post by RealityStudio » Sun May 06, 2018 12:44 pm

Fantastic, Jim. And if only there had been a coffee table version of this book as intended...
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