William Burroughs as Sex Ed Teacher (Hilarious)

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William Burroughs as Sex Ed Teacher (Hilarious)

Post by edward_de_vere » Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:31 am

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We begin each class session by group repetition of Mr. Burroughs'
definitions of terms. To whit, his astute descriptions of the essence
of sexual union. These are recited by teacher and students in the form
of questions and answers.

TEACHER: Students, according to the sage and master, the venerable
Burroughs, what is sex?

STUDENTS (in unison): Burroughs tell us "All human sex is this
unsanitary arrangement whereby two entities attempt to occupy the
same three-dimensional coordinate points giving rise to the sordid
latrine brawls which have characterized a planet based on 'the Word,'
that is on separate flesh engaged in endless sexual conflict." [p. 52]

TEACHER: Very good, students! Now what are the main elements of
sexual relations?

STUDENTS (in unison): Burroughs tells us "Destructive elements enter
into so-called normal sexual relations: the desire to dominate, to kill, to
take over and eat the partner." [p. 20]

TEACHER: Excellent. Not what happens during orgasm?

STUDENTS (in unison): "The skin glows phosphorescent pink purple
suffused by a cold menthol burn so sensitive he went into orgasms at
a current of air while uncontrolled diarrhea exploded down his thighs."
[p. 23]

TEACHER: Correct! What happens after orgasm?

STUDENTS (in unison): "Scalding urine spurted from his penis –
The Other Half swirled in the air above him screaming, face contorted
in suffocation as he laughed the sex words from throat gristle in
bloody crystal blobs." [p. 43]

And so on and so forth. The results of this system of indoctrination are
remarkable. More than 80% of students who participate in the entire
program abstain entirely from sex during the next 12 months, and many
of our earliest test subjects are still celibate today

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