Ah Pook Is Here Interpretations

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Ah Pook Is Here Interpretations

Post by BansheeYage » Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:18 pm

https://digitalphilosophy.wordpress.com ... eeds-time/

I found this link providing an interpretation of a passage from Ah Pook Is Here and was wondering what you guys would think:

I'm currently reading the story myself and have been mulling it over as I read. What do you think Burroughs meant by "Control/Death needs time."? Is it that Control/Death needs its subject to grow in to get the most use out of it? When Burroughs talks about the Mayan priests exploiting their peasants it sounds like the priests are adding years to their lives by taking the time of the peasants. And what of the tracing back the calendar that he talks about in the story?

If any of you have read the story and have thoughts please share.
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