'Robert Christie knew the answer...'

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'Robert Christie knew the answer...'

Post by Graham Rae » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:00 pm

Was just looking at the old thread on the Turkish Naked Lunch. Years ago, RS is talking about not knowing who 'Robert Christie' is in the book. It is clearly the guy whose Wiki page I link to below; WSB probably just recalled his name wrongly. Name Christie, mass strangler of women, pubic hair collection, hanged (bet WSB loved that detail!) in 1953, it all fits. And it wasn't a locket that Christie kept pubic hair in, it was a tobacco tin. The locket thing was probably just an example of mordant WSB black humour, because of its 'cherished loved one remembrance' connotations. Remember reading about Christie when I was much younger in a UK true crime mag or book somewhere because he was from the UK.

Boy, what a cheery post! Chuckling here. :lol:


PS: Whatever happened to the Turkish NL edition? Did it ever come out? Anybody know?

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