Liliane Lijn and William Burroughs

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Liliane Lijn and William Burroughs

Post by edward_de_vere » Tue Jul 05, 2016 1:06 pm ... power-game
It was 1962 when the writer William Burroughs dropped in on Liliane Lijn’s first art exhibition at the English Bookshop in Paris. Her experimental work appealed to Burroughs. Lijn had delved into scientific research to make lenses that, combined with thick blocks of Perspex, refracted and reflected light in new ways. She constructed kinetic pieces she called Poem Machines, with titles such as Fidel Prism and Time Forces Split, that span words at high speed until they blurred and vibrated. Burroughs left a message inviting Lijn to visit him at the Beat Hotel.

“I spent some hours talking with him. He was very convivial and courteous,” says Lijn. “I wouldn’t say he was warm, but he was very thoughtful – about my work and about me as a young person who shouldn’t get too close to drugs. He warned me about drugs.”

Now in her 70s, with auburn hair, silver trainers and an eye-catching arrangement of gold and silver jewellery, Lijn inhabits a vast studio near London’s Finsbury Park, scattered with five decades worth of work.

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Re: Liliane Lijn and William Burroughs

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Awesome! Thank's for posting this Ed. Glad to find someone else worth looking into.
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