Thousand and One restaurant

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Thousand and One restaurant

Post by Jim Pennington » Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:05 pm

It is quite often that Gysin's restaurant is referred to as "The Thousand and One Nights" ... even Miles uses this name, or the shorthand 1001 Nights, as likely as not because Burroughs himself recalled the name as such.
Fact is that both the Zona de Tanger 1956 telephone directory and a Tangier published tourist book called "Holiday in Tangier" by Major F H Mellor (Marshways,1955) call it Thousand and One.

I can recommend the tourist book for its dated charm and a really punchy-coloured map at the back. I recommend the telephone directory just as highly, if not more so, for it's relentless monochrome information about who was living where and why in Tanger in Febrero 1956. It has a reverse-directory in it as well.. where you can look up a telephone number and see whose it was. I don't have an original - I have a facsimile reprint published by guia de tanger isbn 978 84 613 6852 5. A decent printing job it is as well - not a crappy scan by a careless eBook publisher.

Adventurous publishing is good to see and I must admit I was indebted to them for this Directory because it helped me find where my uncle Hugh Edwards lived. The appartment block still stands. Only a short walk from the harbour where Uncle Hughie kept the converted minesweeper he used to smuggle tobacco, booze and whatever between Marseiile, Malaga and Tanger. Until the boat was sabotaged by a rival..the story gets longer ... see "Midnight Trader" Harrap 1959.

These links may not be great but I hope they give the flavour of who to 'phone and what to do in Interzone.
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Re: Thousand and One restaurant

Post by RealityStudio » Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:18 pm

Those are really cool, Jim. Thanks for posting them.
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