ACADEMY 23: William S. Burroughs & The Final Academy

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ACADEMY 23: William S. Burroughs & The Final Academy

Post by ML Stevens » Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:20 am

Further to my previous Post, I just wanted to share the following details:


WhollyBooks is delighted to announce the launch of ACADEMY 23 - our 'unofficial' tribute to William S. Burroughs & The Final Academy.

Contributions include:

Joe Ambrose (Destroy All Rational Thought, Here To Go Show, Islamic Diggers, 10% File Under Burroughs) - 'Bill's Room'
John Balance (Coil) - Introduction to The Electronic Revolution
Bee (Getting the Fear, Futon + friend of Genesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV) - With Brion in Paris
Michael Butterworth (Savoy Books) - Interview + Introduction to The Final Academy Documents
John Coulthart (Artist, Savoy Books, etc.) - The Final Academy @ The Hacienda, Manchester
Emma Doeve (Artist, The Plague Doctors) - Drawing The Wild Boys
Paul A. Green (Babalon, The Gestaltbunker: Selected Poems 1965-2010) - 'Last Words' - The final journals of William S. Burroughs
Phil Hine (Condensed Chaos, Prime Chaos, etc.) - Interview on meeting Burroughs, Burroughs & Chaos Magic, etc.
Spencer Kansa (Wormwood Star, Zoning) - Shooting with Uncle Bill
Cabell McLean (WSB's Naropa companion) - Interview 'My Friend, The Teacher' + 'Legend Days Begun'
John May ('The Generalist') - Meeting with Burroughs @ The Chelsea Arts Club, September 1982
Jack Sargeant (Naked Lens: Beat Cinema, etc.) - On Burroughs' Outlaw Pantheon
Michael Stevens (A Distant Book Lifted, The Road to Interzone) - Select Additions for The Road to Interzone
David S. Wills (editor @ Beatdom, The Dog Farm) - Scientologist! William S. Burroughs & the 'Weird Cult'

There is also original artwork throughout by Emma Doeve, and various editorial articles by Matthew Levi Stevens (author of The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs, etc.) including A Report from The Final Academy, On 'Playback' as Magical Weapon, and an account of a conversation with William S. Burroughs on books & magic at the time of The Final Academy.

Price: £13 + £2.85 postage & packing within the U.K. (all copies sent First Class Recorded Delivery.)

Please send us an email with your order and postal address and we will send you a PayPal invoice.

For overseas orders, multiple copies, alternative payment options, and All Other inquiries, please contact us via email:

Thank You!

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