Signed Third Mind on ebay

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Signed Third Mind on ebay

Post by RealityStudio » Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:39 pm

Michael Butterworth of Savoy Books has posted his copy of The Third Mind to ebay: ... 1e6f56d4f6

He's selling it to raise funds for a new publishing project. I should disclose that I'm friendly with Michael and have interviewed him and his collaborator David Britton for RS: ... burroughs/

To my mind, the asking price is more than reasonable. The book comes from an unimpeachable source and is also an association copy. Burroughs signed the book while Michael was visiting him at the Bunker to discuss a publishing contract with Savoy Books. (Though Burroughs signed a contract, the project ultimately didn't come to fruition -- owing to police harassment forcing Savoy into temporary bankruptcy.)
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